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Hi, everyone! My name is Shayna Buksha, founder of SSilk Hair Care. Thanks for visiting! I am so excited to share our first product: SSilk Healthy Hair Oil with you!

SSilk Healthy Hair Oil was borne out of a need for assistance in a lifelong battle with alopecia areata, an incurable auto-immune disorder that causes hair to fall out in patches (exacerbated by severe stress). Having to alter the typical daily styling of my hair to conceal hair loss was not only a nuisance, but a blow to my self-confidence. After all, our hair is an extension of who we are and a means of self-expression.

In 2017, I discovered my young daughter (whom also suffers from dry scalp) had inherited the condition as well and set out to find a product that would help restore growth. As a self-proclaimed product junkie, I must have tried every hair growth product on beauty supply shelves without achieving the results of my expectations. Many products contained mineral oil or other oils that neither of our hair types responded well to. Then, I began experimenting with organic oils to find a blend that not only stimulated & moisturized the scalp, but didn't weigh the hair down or create build-up. What I discovered, along with a hair regimen of hydrating & moisturizing products, stimulated and nearly restored the growth to both of our affected areas in less than 2 months.

Nearly 3 years, some heat damage & a bit of traction alopecia later, we still use this oil weekly for spot treatments and general maintenance. I am SO excited for SSilk Healthy Hair Oil to become a part of your hair care regimen, too! I truly believe this oil blend will help so many people.

We can't wait to see your results! Have a happy & healthy hair journey!

Thanks again!